Budget and Annual Financial Report

Annual Budget

The annual budget is the City’s plan for providing services to its citizens and consists of the following sections:

  • City Manger’s Budget Summary
  • General and Property Tax Information
  • Fund Information
    • General Fund
    • Special Revenue Fund
    • Debt Service Fund
    • Capital Improvement Funds
    • Enterprise Funds
  • Capital Improvement Plan

2024 Budget

2024 Budget Goals and Objectives

2023 Budget

2023 Final Budget (PDF)

2023 Truth-in-Taxation and Budget Presentation (PDF)

2022 Budget

2022 Final Budget (PDF)

2022 Truth-in-Taxation and Budget Presentation (PDF)

2021 Budget

2021 Final Budget (PDF)

2021 Truth-in-Taxation and Budget Presentation (PDF)

2021 Final Audit Presentation (PDF) (6/20/2022)

2020 Budget

2020 Approved Budget (PDF)

2020 Truth-in-Taxation and Budget Presentation (PDF)

2020 Budget Goals (PDF)

/DocumentCenter/View/26072019 Budget

2019 Budget Goals (PDF)

2019 Truth-in-Taxation and Budget Presentation (PDF)

Adopted 2019 Budget (adopted 12/17/19) (PDF)

Annual Financial Report

Each year the City is audited by an independent audit firm to ensure fiscal soundness and compliance with regulations set forth by the State of Minnesota and other agencies. The City’s auditors issued an unqualified opinion regarding the City’s 2018 financial statements which means the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the City and each of its funds. 

2022 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2021 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2020 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2019 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2018 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2017 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2016 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2015 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2014 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2013 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

For more information on the budget or annual financial report, contact the City’s Finance Officer, Jenny Palmer at (952) 653-3677 or email Jenny Palmer.