Local Option Sales Tax

City of Excelsior Local Option Sales and Use Tax Information

Starting October 1, 2019, Excelsior will have a 0.5 percent sales and use tax.  The Minnesota Department of Revenue will administer this tax.  Revenues will fund capital and administrative costs of improvements to The Commons as indicated in the Commons Master Plan adopted by the City Council on November 20, 2017 and outlined in Resolution 2019-33 and Ordinance No. 599.

The 0.5 percent sales tax applies to retail sales made within Excelsior.  The use tax applies to taxable items used in the City if the local sales tax was not paid.   More information about the local tax can be found on the Minnesota Department of Revenue's website.    Specific questions regarding the local sales and use tax should be directed to the Minnesota Department of Revenue.  The State is administering and collecting the local sales and use tax on behalf of the City.

Businesses should have received  a notice from the Department of Revenue about the upcoming local sales and use tax.  The notices were sent out the end of July.

MN Department of Revenue Contact Information:

Call:   651-296-6181 or toll free at 1-800-657-3777

Email:  salesuse.tax@state.mn.us

Write:  Minnesota Revenue            
             Sales and Use Tax Division            
             Mail Station:  6330            
             St. Paul, MN 55146-6330

Website:  www.revenue.state.mn.us