Altering a Heritage Site

Determining the Alteration Process

It is important that you work with City Hall and the appropriate commissions to obtain approval for your alteration project before you begin. Beginning your project before you have all the necessary permits can result in delays and extra expenses.

There may be other issues you need to be aware of when altering, moving, or demolishing properties that are outside the authority of the Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC). You may need building permits and other permits that are issued by the city. You may need to apply to the Planning Commission if you are altering the size, appearance or use of a building, or if you are considering opening a type of business that is only approved for a certain area. Please consult the staff at City Hall to determine what other permits you may need to begin your project.

Altering a Heritage Site

City staff can help you determine the process for altering, moving, or demolishing property that has been designated a Heritage Preservation Site or is a contributing or non-contributing site in the Excelsior Downtown Historic District.

The following are subject to a site alteration permit:

  • Painting, architectural details, and other related exterior alterations
    • Paint colors should be historically appropriate to the style and period of the structure. Although the Heritage Preservation Commission may review and comment on paint colors, the particular paint color is not subject to Heritage Preservation Commission approval.
  • Addition or deletion of awnings, shutters, canopies, and similar appurtenances
  • Application or use of exterior materials of a different kind, type, color, or texture than those already in use which will substantially cover one or more sides of the structure, including roofing and siding
  • Signs
  • Construction of a new building or auxiliary structure
  • Any addition to or alteration of an existing structure which increases the square footage in the structure or otherwise alters its size, height, contour, or outline
  • Change or alteration of a structure's architectural style
  • Alteration of a roofline
  • Demolition in whole or in part
    • This does not apply to structures required to be demolished in accordance with Minnesota Statutes Chapter 463: Building Line Easements; Building Regulations; and Hazardous Buildings.

Any maintenance to the exterior of a building that does not fall under one of the nine criteria above, and that does not result in a change in appearance is considered maintenance and does not require a site alteration permit.