Evaluating Site Alteration Permits

Evaluation of Site Alteration Permits

The City of Excelsior is a member of the National Historic Preservation Program and as such conducts its design reviews according to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and the most recent version of the Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings. View an illustrated version of these guidelines.

The guidelines in this section are from Section 62 of the City Zoning Code - "Heritage Preservation Program and Designation of Historic Districts / Sites." The Section 62 guidelines are derived from the Secretary of the Interior's Standards referenced above. A site alteration permit is required for any exterior change to a designated Heritage Preservation Site or any building in the downtown historic district.

Once your permit application has been reviewed by the Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC), they will vote on whether or not to approve your application or to ask for more information and continue your application until a later date. If your application is rejected by the HPC, you may appeal the decision to the City Council. The Council has the final authority over issuance of site Alteration Permits.