Registering to Vote

Eligibility to Vote

You are eligible to vote in Minnesota if you are:

  • At least 18 years or older
  • A citizen of the United States
  • A resident of Minnesota for 20 days preceding the Election Day

You are not eligible to vote in Minnesota if you are:

  • A convicted felon whose civil rights have not been restored
  • Under the guardianship of another person
  • Found by a court of law to be legally incompetent

New Registrants

To register to vote, you must fill out a Voter Registration Application (PDF). When filling out the application, you must sign and date the oath printed at the bottom. By signing the application, you are swearing that you are eligible to register to vote. The application can be submitted anytime except during the 20 days immediately preceding any election. It is highly advisable to register a minimum of 30 days before the election. A Voter Registration Application may be obtained by:

  • Visiting the City of Excelsior Offices, located at 350 Highway 7.
  • Calling Excelsior City Hall at 952-474-5233 to request a Voter Registration Application be mailed to you
  • Printing a Voter Registration Application (PDF) from your personal computer
  • You can register to vote when applying for or renewing your Driver's License. The information will be forwarded to Hennepin County for processing.
  • You can also register to vote online

To see if you are registered to vote, view the Voter Registration Lookup.

Completed Voter Registration Applications should be returned to either Hennepin County or the City of Excelsior.

Change of Address

Any previously registered voter who changes his or her name or address must re-register to vote. A change of name or address requires a new registration and a new signature on the application. If you have moved since last registering to vote, it is important to update your voter registration information so that you can vote for the candidates who will represent you. Remember, if you move, you must vote in your new precinct. Do not return to your old precinct to vote.

Canceled Registrations

A voter registration is canceled for the following reasons:

  • The voter has been convicted of a felony without having his or her civil rights restored
  • The voter is under guardianship of another person
  • The voter has been found by a court to be legally incompetent to vote
  • The voter is not a citizen of the United States
  • The voter has not voted for more than four years

Election Day Registration Information

In Minnesota, you may register to vote on Election Day.

Receiving Assistance at the Polling Location

If you need help with voting, you can ask the Election Judges at the polling place for assistance in reading or marking your ballot. You may also bring someone to assist you. All polling places should be fully accessible with clearly marked accessible doors and parking spaces. If you cannot easily leave your car, you can ask for the ballot to be brought out to you in your car. If you are unable to go to the polling place on Election Day, you can vote by Absentee Ballot.