Pavement Management Plan

About the Plan

Excelsior developed and approved a Pavement Management Plan in 2009. In developing the Pavement Management Plan, the physical condition of city street surfaces were evaluated and rated, and a determination was made as to where the street was in its projected life cycle. The plan identified a schedule for maintenance or reconstruction of city streets at the appropriate time in order to extend their overall expected life cycle in the most efficient and economical manner.

Some streets will require total reconstruction, while others may require nothing more than an overlay or seal coating. Usually the older streets will require a total reconstruction because they were never truly constructed. They may have been gravel streets that were oiled and overlaid at different times in the past. Seal coating and overlays are no longer cost-effective options for those types of streets.

For more information on the Pavement Management Plan, contact Public Works at (952) 474-3464.