What is Excelsior Doing About FOG?

FOG is such a serious concern that many cities, including Excelsior, have regulations to control the release of FOG into the sewer system. Excelsior requires that all food and drink service establishments install grease removal devices, such as grease interceptors or grease traps, and undergo regular inspections.

A grease interceptor is a large tank located below ground outside of a food service establishment building. It is connected to the wastewater piping and has at least two compartments to trap floating grease and food waste particles.

A grease trap is a small reservoir built into the wastewater piping a short distance from the grease-producing area. Grease traps are appropriate for small, low-volume establishments with limited kitchen equipment and dish washing.

Interceptors and traps require regular cleaning and maintenance, and FOG must be disposed of properly. The City will supply FOG maintenance logs and do routine inspections to check on compliance and answer questions.

The City of Excelsior provided Step-by-Step Guidelines (PDF) for getting in compliance and significantly reducing or eliminated FOG from entering your plumbing.

Establishments that fail to comply with Excelsior's grease waste management policies and discharge FOG into the City sewer may be required to install additional grease-removal equipment, be fined, or even have their utility services terminated. 

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1. What is Excelsior Doing About FOG?
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